White Coral Beach_Square Coral with Hanging Stones Earrings_Aqua Marine

Coral inspired textured square sterling silver earring studs with light blue stone, Aqua Marine hangings



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Small light blue stones, Aqua Marine are hanging from hand textured coral inspired square sterling silver ear studs.

Small hanging round stones add movements to these delightful textued earring studs. Hand cut and textured corals on the beach inspired silver studs are unique and all pieces are slightly different finishings as the results.

Handmade in London

Recycled sterling silver
Stone: aqua marine

Approx.15mm x 25mm x 15mm
Stone: 4mm diameter

Design Story
I visited to Okinawa, Japan where has beautiful white beachs made from dead corals and their sands. I had picked up coral pieces from there and kept them in a box. I discovered them in my cabinet a couple years later and I realised they should have been shown as a part of the nature rather than staying in a box!

Since then I have been creating `White Coral Beach` collection and inspired from corals’ various unique textures, shapes and how they were originally gathering on the beach.