White Coral Beach Brooch.04- Gathering Corals-Circle

This white coral beach inspired brooch is made with a Y shaped real dead coral, hand textured silver pieces and a naturally cabochon shaped shells on a silver frame.



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Hand textured and formed silver pieces are combined with a real coral and shells to recreate a small part of the white beach as a brooch.

Handmade in London

Sterling silver
Dead coral and shell from a beach in Okinawa, Japan

Approx.60mm x 45mm x 20mm

Shell: approx. 10mm diameters

Design Story
I visited to Okinawa, Japan where has beautiful white beachs made from dead corals and their sands. I had picked up coral pieces from there and kept them in a box. I discovered them in my cabinet a couple years later and I realised they should have been shown as a part of the nature rather than staying in a box!

Since then I have been creating `White Coral Beach` collection and inspired from corals’ various unique textures, shapes and how they were originally gathering on the beach.