Recycled Square White Brooch

This small wavy edged square brooch is made of recycled sterling silver decorated with hand textured dot patterns and white stone beads around the piece. A moonstone, a onyx and a garnet are set on the top.

£ 225.00

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A small wavy square sterling silver brooch has garnet, onyx and a moonstone on the top and a strings of white stone beads are placed around the silver piece.

Handmade in London

Recycled sterling silver
Stone: red (garnet), blue (blue topaz), white beads (white dyed turquoise)

Approx. 35x 30x 10mm
Stone: blue 2mm/ white 2mm diameter/ white beads approx. 5mm diameter

Design Story
Scrapped gold and silver wires and sheets from Yuki’s workshop are regularly melted down to be recycled material. A lot of interesting shapes and textures have been coming out during the recycling processes. For example, decorative wavy edges were originally created when a thick recycled silver sheet was stretched and splitted by rolling mill.