Jewellery Care

Jewellery care

Keep away jewellery from getting wet or leaving in moisture and humidity environment which will increase tarnish metals.

Store your jewellery in its box or pouch when not in use.

Avoid jewellery getting cosmetic products and chemicals directly.

Remove jewellery before washing and sleeping. Keep jewellery in safe place when doing sports or physical work when may get accidentally damages.

Jewellery cleaning

Silver and gold only

Clean gently with soapy water, silver/gold dip or soft polishing cloth.

Gold plating and paintied metal

Clean gently with soapy water, silver/gold dip and dry gently. Do not rub/ use soft polishing cloth.

Oxidised silver

Jewellery surfaces have been blackened by oxidising solutions and each pieces is individually unique. Do not use silver dip or silver cloth as it will remove the oxidised coating and some fading may occur over time.

Gemstones and other materials

Do not use silver/gold dip. Clean with soft dry cloth and avoid using chemicals.

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